SMP for Women

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) makes hair look thicker and more full. It’s a treatment that masks diminishing, retreating, or inconsistent hair. It can assist with reestablishing your certainty and give the appearance of a full head of hair where your scalp can be seen through the hair. SMP is practically support-free, has enduring outcomes, and is protected.

SMP treatment is great for ladies who as of now have long hair. A ladies’ hair is vital and losing it tends to be a horrible encounter, it’s a decent alternative to consider for ladies with low hair thickness or women experiencing Alopecia.

SMP is an answer for:

hair diminishing

low hair thickness

going through a hair relocate

Alopecia balding

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPH)

How can it function?

SMP isn’t a fix. This treatment adds minuscule dabs of shade to the uppermost skin layer of the scalp. It disguises the regions with less hair. The color is included in a comparative way as a tattoo however isn’t anyplace close as agonizing.

Normal Hairloss Expressions

SMP treatment can camouflage a subsiding V-shaped hairline and return the shape to a more normal hairline.

Hair diminishing

Hair diminishing alludes to the beginning phases of going bald. The hair strand begins to lose its standard thickness. Over the long haul your scalp can be seen through the hair. To invalidate this look, an ideal shade of color can be chosen to coordinate with the profundity of hair.

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPH)

FPH is a particular type of going bald that ladies experience. You’ll see a little upward cut at the highest point of the head during the principal phases of FPH. Then, at that point, the upward slice gets more extensive through time, and the hair sparseness begins to turn out to be more noticeable.

FPH by the age of 50 effects around half of men and 25% of ladies. SMP treatment helps disguise the uncovered spaces of the scalp.

Reasons for Hair Loss

There are various reasons for Hair Loss, one of them being the regular maturing measure. Here are some normal reasons for long-lasting and transitory going bald:


A disease

Malignancy treatment


Weight reduction

Iron insufficiency

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