How Authentic Does SMP Really Look? More Than You Might Think…

There’s a lot to be said for tattoos in general, including ‘scalp tattoos’ that resemble real hair. The name isn’t completely off, since a scalp tattoo is in some ways similar to an ordinary tattoo you might get on your arm or chest, for example. It’s important, however, to take note of the differences between these types of tattoos and scalp tattoos, more formally known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

How do they look on an individual? Do they look real? Or do they look like a tattoo? The answer is fundamentally subjective, so it will depend on your own point of view at the end of the day, but generally SMP looks fantastic and authentic.

Full SMP Treatment for Bald Scalps vs Partial SMP Treatment

The look of SMP treatment will differ quite a bit depending mostly on whether you need full SMP treatment or only in specific areas of the scalp (partial).

If you’re completely bald or will be bald soon, full SMP treatment can help restore your confidence and self-esteem without the need for expensive hair restoration and regrowth medications, a hair transplant, or wearing a hat everywhere you go.

Full SMP treatment will look like a buzz cut, with many micro injections of hair-coloured pigment repeated all over your scalp.

If you’re losing patches of hair, have thinning hair, or need to cover up and camouflage a scar, for example, you may wish to get partial SMP treatment. The practitioner will apply SMP to specific parts of your scalp in order to achieve the desired result, which is a more uniform appearance without any signs of your scars, balding, or thinning hair.

Partial SMP treatment will look just like your ‘normal’ scalp of hair as though you had no balding or thinning occurring at all.

Will Anyone Notice I’ve Gotten SMP?

From up close to far distances, SMP looks just like real hair. For those with a bald scalp, however, someone may notice when focussed on the scalp from up close that the “hair” lacks texture. For those with partial SMP treatment, e.g. for bald patches or thinning hair, there is no discernable difference since the SMP blends in with the surrounding hair to create a uniform-looking scalp with no visible signs of thinning or balding.

In all likelihood, you’ll probably have to explain to your friends that you’ve gotten SMP treatment for them to really believe it since the scalp will look indistinguishable from the look you’d get after getting a buzz cut from a barbershop.

How to Get Professional SMP That Looks Like it Should

SMP is supposed to closely resemble real hair in its colour and pattern, although the texture is simply impossible to replicate since there’s no actual hair on a bald scalp! Nevertheless, SMP should look indistinguishable from real hair when performed by a reputable and established SMP practitioner.

Tattoo artists tend to be quite skilled at their craft, but their toolbox is different from that of an SMP practitioner’s, so never choose an ordinary tattoo artist to get a scalp tattoo. Get real SMP instead from a qualified and experienced practitioner from SMP Gold Coast.

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