What is Scalp Micropigmentation

What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Know Everything

Do you think what is scalp micropigmentation? Here is your answer.

Scalp micropigmentation can be defined as a hair tattoo in simple words. It is a series of dots tattooed on the scalp, between hairlines, or to create the same. This tattoo, however, has something more to offer than just the tattoo effect. On the scalp, it creates illusionary hair follicles. This is why it is mainly opted by bald people.

Scalp micropigmentation helps to hide baldness and areas of less hair growth. It can be recommended for both men and women. Here we can learn about what is micropigmentation and all the benefits of scalp micro pigmentation.

What is Hair Tattoo? And Hair Regrowth

You can simply put it this way, what is a hair tattoo and hair regrowth? The terms will help you understand the basic difference between the two.

Many people might confuse the scalp tattoo with hair regrowth. Before you opt for a hair tattoo, you must know that the tattoo and hair regrowth are two different things. A tattoo creates an illusionary hair effect on the scalp, while hair regrowth creates hair follicles and strands.

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    Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation of Hair Tattoo

    • Scalp tattoo is a less invasive process, which makes it easy and mor adaptable by many.
    • It is less painful. If someone is looking for a no-pain process to treat baldness, this process is perfect.
    • Scalp micropigmentation is a comparative cheaper process of treating bald scalp and areas of no hair growth.
    • It is a permanent solution and can be recommended for all.
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    Before Scalp Micripigmentation

    Before the hair tattoo, you must ensure that your hair and scalp are properly washed. Once you reach the tattoo centre, the process goes as follows-

    • Marking of the area that needs to be tattooed.
    • If you are bald, the practitioner will mark the areas of the scalp that needs treatment. This could be a small part, an entire scalp or a hairline.
    • If you are bald, the practitioner will prepare the line of the scalp tattoo, keeping in mind your age, gender, the shape of the head, etc.
    • The tattoo practitioner will then match the ink colour with your natural hair if you have one.
    • Numbing medicine is applied to your scalp, which is done to ensure you do not experience any sort of pain.
    • Microblading might be used before the beginning of the scalp tattoo.

    Since the needle tips are extremely tiny, you may feel painful effects once it is intruded into your scalp. But with the help of numbing medicine, you will experience comparatively lesser pain while doing a scalp tattoo.

    Who Can Opt For Scalp Micropigmantation?

    Hair blading is a permanent cosmetic treatment that creates thick hair follicles-like pigments on your head. The treatment can help you with the appearance of the new hair growth. While everyone can opt for this type of tattoo, here are the most recommended people for hair microblading.

    • People who have suffered from alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition, are causing extensive hair fall.
    • People who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy.
    • People, including men and women, have experienced severe hair fall due to various health and environmental reasons.
    • Women who have suffered from hair fall due to PCOS.
    • Men with Male pattern baldness.
    • Thin hair on the scalp makes it look weaker and empty.
    • People with scars/birthmarks on the head.
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    Each person may come with his or her specific reason for doing a hair tattoo. Many also opt for a tattoo since it looks trendy.

    What is Hair Microblading And its Process?

    What is hair microblading? It is just another term for hair micropigmentation. So, during hair micropigmentation, your practitioner will perform the following procedure.

    Your practitioner will use a tiny needle to make deposits of medical-grade pigments on your scalp and the desired areas. These pigment dots may vary in size or angle, and the application depth could also differ. Once the lining is finished, it will create a look of new hair growth.

    How Long Does Hair Micropigmentation Take?​​

    The duration of hair micropigmentation may vary which depends on who is doing it. If your practitioner is an expert, the minimum time the procedure takes to complete is 5 hours. However, if you are sitting with a new practitioner, it may take more than 5 hours.

    How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?​

    The average price of scalp micropigmentation may cost around $3500. Since it is a permanent cosmetic treatment for bald heads, people do not hesitate to spend that amount for a good cause. Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to hide your bald scalp. It also looks trendy, and many people who have opted for this are happy with the results. You can also book your appointment to see if you go for the treatment. Your practitioner will communicate everything to you before starting the process. So, if you have suffered extreme hair fall, this treatment is apt for you. If you are looking for best options for scalp micropigmentation in Brisbane, we are your best choice. Apart from offering scalp micropigmentation in Surfers Paradise, we also offer our full range of services in SMP clinic Broadbeach and SMP Queensland.

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