Will Scalp Micropigmentation Damage My Hair?

A lot of people that are balding or experiencing thinning hair may be concerned about the remaining hair on their scalp when it comes to finding appropriate treatment. Many topical treatments and surgical operations alter hair growth, perhaps damaging the existing hair follicles or having no effect at all – including beneficial effects like regrowing your hair!

That’s just the thing: hair loss treatment is not guaranteed. One method that is guaranteed, however, is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). If you’re concerned about the potential damage to your hair from SMP, read below to get a better idea if SMP is right for you:

Does SMP Damage Hair or Hair Follicles?

No. SMP is not a surgical operation and it does not alter your hair growth. SMP is purely aesthetic in that it makes it look like you have a fuller, thicker scalp of hair. It does not actually treat hair loss at all, which may or may not be desirable.

As such, this is why we can say with confidence that SMP is a guaranteed solution because it always achieves the desired result of making it seem as though you are not experiencing hair loss or balding. The only potential damage to your hair may come from your existing hair loss or thinning, which SMP does not treat by regrowing but instead it camouflages or hides any bald patches or areas of thinning hair. SMP can also be used on completely bald scalps to create the impression of a buzzed scalp of hair.

Is SMP Dangerous for My Scalp?

In some ways, SMP is like getting a normal tattoo. Scratching just below the surface, however, they are not the same at all. SMP uses thinner, smaller needles than those used in traditional tattoos that are administered by trained and qualified SMP practitioners. Instead of tattoo ink, SMP practitioners use medical-grade pigment to create dots.

SMP is not dangerous to your scalp. The needles are inserted just below the epidermis, which tends to be far shallower than most traditional tattoos. The depth of injection is very important to ensure the proper desired result. If the pigment is injected too shallow or too deep into the scalp, the pigment may either wear off too quickly or become blotched and messy.

How to Minimise the Risks of SMP

The biggest risks of SMP mostly come from the procedure itself, which is why it is always important to choose a qualified, experienced team of SMP practitioners at a clinic that is reputable. It’s also important to ensure that the clinic is hygienic and that all needles and pigments are also hygienic and appropriate for SMP, and that the clinician uses the appropriate techniques to ensure the desired result.

There is also the risk that your SMP treatment might not look great after the first session. Do not worry. So long as you’ve chosen to visit a reputable SMP clinic, you’ll likely have to undergo 4-5 sessions to ensure that the pigment looks just right. The first session will usually not suffice, and you’ll most likely want to consider protecting your scalp as it heals. After a few sessions, however, your scalp should heal and the overall result should be much more to your liking.

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